Privacy and Security Policy



Privacy on internet is very important these days. This Privacy Policy details how we are protecting the information you provide to us during the process of Account Creation and otherwise, where and how that information is stored and other facts that you would like to know in relation to privacy of your information.

The information you provide us such as Name, address, phone number etc. is referred to from here on as "Personal information".

Your personal information is collected over secured 128-bit encrypted session between your browser and our server. This means that the information transmitted between your computer browser and our servers can not be looked at by any hacker even when he is looking at the packets of data transmitted between your computer and the web server.
You can verify this by seeing the lock icon on your browser..


..and also the URL beginning with https instead of http protocol of communication.


The personal information is stored encrypted on servers in a secured location in Australia by TechSys Consultants Pty. Ltd., the company marketing the products. The encryption level of personal information is kept to the highest and best level available today as permitted by technology. This ensures that even if the hardware of company is stolen by thieves they
will not be able to access this personal information store.

Credit Card information that you provide when signing up is not stored by us on our servers at all. All credit card payments are processed by Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Security of your personal information is of utmost importance to us.

The personal information collected is solely for providing better services to our subscribers. It is not sold or given to any third party and we do not use your personal information to send unsolicited e-mails or to make you target for selling any other product using your personal information. In the event of change of ownership of marketing
company your permission will be sought before transferring the information to the new owner.

Access to your personal information

Subscribers have access to their personal information all the time by virtue of secured screen/form they can use to view, modify and change it. Trial users can also check this screen/form while they are trial users but are not allowed any changes, Access to personal information of trial users after expiry - a former trial user can request this
information anytime by using our Contact us page providing the login name that was created and the e-mail id, phone number that were used so that we can identify and provide access to the personal information stored, this access will be provided only after thorough verification. Verifications such as physical sighting of identification documents
etc., to ascertain the rights of the person requesting access.

Browser Sessions and Cookies

Our web-site uses and store only session cookies on your computer. Session cookies are required to uniquely identify your login. These cookies are not used to trek any browsing behavior on client machines or collect any such data.

Privacy Laws

Please refer to for details. Where applicable we comply and adhere to it.


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