Creative writing is an essential and very important component for success, not only in various exams but also in life. The selective school exam includes a 20 minute creative writing test. Creative Writing Prepô is a specially designed program tailored to enhance and improve your child's creative writing skills. Through this program your child not only works on various writing tasks but can also submit his/her work for assessment and feedback by experts.

Creative Writing Prepô is a comprehensive program which covers writing tasks of the following types:

Literary Response
Information Report
Factual Description

Our Assessment Rubrics are built to assess your child's writing with Curriculum Assessment Outcomes: WS3.9, WS3.10 and WS3.11 in focus.

Every writing task submitted for evaluation by your child is measured and carefully assessed against a set of criterion through a Rubric or a Metric. These Metrics with your child's score for each individual criterion is e-mailed to you after assessment of each writing task submitted. Also included in the email report are the teacher's comments. The feedback which your child receives will further improve his/her writing significantly.

You can view the Summary Rubric online in the overall report for your child along with the teacher's comments.

Owing to the nature of this test, only 1 test is allowed per week. This ensures quality feedback as well as gives sufficient time to the child to review and build up on his/her efforts for the next writing task.

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