NL-Prepô stands for Numeracy and Literacy preprations and is a series of trial tests for Australian students undertaking the new compulsory national literacy and numeracy assessments in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. For those students hoping to do well in these tests, NL-Prepô offers suitably challenging questions, to build studentsí skills to a higher level. Each test is designed to simulate the Numeracy and Literacy test conditions and structure.

A set of papers consists of following four papers for this examination:


Our NL-Prepô tests cover each of the benchmarks achievements targeted by these assessments. Please note that these are not officially endorsed tests by the body producing NAPLAN tests but are trial tests for these exams developed by our teachers independently of Australian Government and its agencies.

The Numeracy and Literacy exams READING task comprises 50-60 multiple choice questions, based on comprehension of a given text. The LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS test comprises 35-50 questions. Each test duration is 40 minutes. NL-Prepô comprises multiple-choice questions for each section of the test (except Writing). The same number of questions and the same time period is set for each test. For WRITING test studentsí written responses will be assessed according to strict criteria. Students may submit their response for marking by our staff when taking the test online.

Our aim in preparing these trial tests has been to offer, to as many young people as possible, an opportunity to prepare for these examinations. For many of you, this may be your first formal examination. We think that practice with trial tests will overcome some of the uncertainties associated with national assessments. Trial tests will also serve as a guide for parents/guardians who wish to help their child prepare. Some people believe that one cannot practice for these exams or that practice does not improve scores. However, our belief (proven by results) is that it does really help to be familiar with the various types of questions asked and to have some practice in answering these similar questions under test conditions. Certainly, we cannot predict what questions might be in the actual examination, but trial tests offered by us are ideal practice tests that aim to help you prepare better for the real examinations and boost your confidence.

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