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This site has been thoroughly researched and developed to help the many thousands of aspiring students who annually compete in Scholarship Exams for either Independent or Selective schools, as well as for students appearing in Opportunity Classes (OC) Placement Tests.

All these exams are highly competitive and a lot of preparation is normally required even by the naturally gifted students.

OC-prep are trial tests for the Opportunity Class (OC) Placement Tests. These OC classes offer extra challenge for brighter or academically gifted students in Years 5 and 6. The OC: Placement Tests are a way of assessing your potential for doing well in school. OC tests are not IQ or intelligence tests.
The OC Placement Tests are set to measure and discriminate ability at a very high level. You need to be quite good at solving complex written problems to do well in these tests.
Selective-prep are trial tests for the Selective Schools Test and the Scholarship Examinations for Independent Schools which are required for placement or to receive scholarship. These Selective Schools offer extra challenge for brighter or academically gifted students.

Our aim in preparing these trial tests has been to offer, to as many young people as possible, an opportunity to prepare for these examinations. As for many this may be your first formal examination.
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Educational Games Arcade.
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Multiple choice questions.
Question formats based on previous papers.
New questions daily.
Answers to all questions with facility to review test results.
Outline of solutions to most difficult questions.
High quality visuals where needed to make understanding easier.
Activity e-mail report to parents.
Focused testing available to improve weak subject areas.
Suspend and Resume facility.
Creative writing practice.
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